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The Podmurvice Rijeka Dormitory has been raising and educating high school students since 1947. In many years of existence, the institution has been providing educational activities, constantly striving to improve its performance for the benefit of our students, parents and the entire community.



In 2009, the Podmurvice Rijeka Dormitory received the status of an Eco school, i.e. an Eco dormitory, and joined the international eco family.



In addition to series of ecological activities that we continuously implement, we built the first multifunctional garden with therapeutic effect for high school students.



In 2014, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports presented us with the Luka Ritz Annual Award. It was the first time the award went to a dormitory for promoting tolerance and schools without violence.

In addition to providing accommodation and food for students, as a part of the educational activities students are offered various creative and sports activities and learning assistance. At the same time, we take care of their health as well as individual needs that arise on their path to growing up and maturing.

Caring for students 24/7

In addition to teachers-educators, who are the carriers of educational work in thirteen educational groups, the specific needs of students are also taken care of by expert assistants – a pedagogue and a psychologist. Through mentoring, elective, special programmes and programmes for enriching life and work in the Dormitory, educational work is carried out with students on a daily basis.

Quality leisure time is one of the ways to prevent high risk behaviours, so in our Dormitory we hold creative workshops, organize sports competitions and cultural events, exhibitions, support students’ work in the Dormitory environment and offer them contents tailored to their needs and age.


Quality of education first

Our efforts to improve our own competences for the benefit of our students, but also the local community, were recognized by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County awarding us with the Award for the best secondary education institution on 5 October 2010.

Prevention of violence

Given the importance of violence prevention, the Dormitory continuously implements a special programme which tries to instill humane values in students, provide them with insight into ways of assertive conflict resolution and point out the importance of tolerance and compromise in order to live successfully in the community. The result of these efforts is the Annual Luka Ritz award we received in 2014 by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports for the promotion of tolerance and schools without violence. Thus we became the first Dormitory that received such a recognition that represents tolerance, mutual respect and humanity.

Our Dormitory is an eco-dormitory

The importance of environmental awareness, sustainable development and responsibility for preservation of the environment and biodiversity is systematically implemented in our Plan and Programme, and in 2009 we have received the status of an Eco-dormitory joining the international family of eco-schools.

By building awareness of the importance of ecology, we strive to educate today's generation how to make decisions about the development of society in the future and make them sensitive to the issue of environmental protection. In accordance with such values, we also nurture our environment, which has become the first therapeutic, multisensory garden in the Republic of Croatia.

Quality leisure activities

By spending their free time meaningfully, students are enabled to use their potential in creating a better and more humane society by developing existential, social and humane values.

Through interdisciplinary dialogue and cooperation, as a prerequisite for individual and shared responsibility towards complex social phenomena, in our work with young people we strive to support creative discussions instead of conformist agreements.


Since knowledge is transmitted by words, and values are accepted from role models through examples, but also taking into account the aspect of implicit upbringing and assuming that a teacher is a silent transmitter of moral and other values, we single out to students which values are desirable to cultivate on a daily basis.

It is not just our students we sensitize about the pressing problems we face as a society but also the entire local community. Thus we step out of the framework of a student dormitory by influencing the community around us. Our numerous projects indicate that we do not tolerate the social egocentrism of today but that we strive to fight it by educating young people who work towards creating a better and more humane society in which there will be no room for condemnation, violence, prejudice and stigmatization. By accepting and sharing fundamental human rights, we have been given the opportunity to shape young people and have influence on the whole society; therefore we understand the importance and the great responsibility that our vocation carries.

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